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USEF exists to help Union Public Schools achieve the goal of graduating 100% of their students, college and/or career ready! This audacious task is achieved through USEF’s investment in five main areas of focus, as outlined by the district’s strategic plan:  


  • Educator & Student Experiences

  • College/Career Readiness

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Community Schools

USEF supports a variety of Student Experiences throughout the district.

Carry the Torch for Union Special Olympics

Each year, students with special needs across the district attend Area and State Special Olympics meets. Union Special Olympians age 8 to 21 years participate in Track and Field and Bocce ball events.

Special Olympics provides our athletes the opportunity to participate in an organized sport, be part of a team, and learn to encourage and support one another. Participation in Special Olympics builds confidence, provides opportunities to develop physical fitness, make new friends and experience the pure joy of competition.

Participation in these meets comes at a cost and your support to “Carry the Torch” for one or more of our Olympians is needed.

By making a financial contribution to the Union Special Olympics team you will become a part of the team. Below are levels of support you can choose from.


$100 - Gold Medal -  Provides housing at the State meet, 5 meals, and registration.

$50 - Silver Medal - Provides State meet uniforms and 3 meals not included in registration.

$25 - Bronze Medal - Provides T-shirt for area meet and backpack.

$150 - "Fill the Podium!" - Fully support ONE OLYMPIAN with a Donation of $150!




USEF proudly supports our Union Student Leadership program with an annual grant. These funds support various high school educational and social activities such as prom and graduation. 

USEF supports a variety of Educator Experiences throughout the district. 

  • Nearly $60,000 in teacher grants was awarded to Union teachers in the 2016-17 school year to purchase classroom supplies, training opportunities, and other items needed by the Union educators.

  • Teacher of the Year Celebration

  • Employee of the Year Award

The 2019-20 USEF Classroom Grant Application is now CLOSED. Follow us on social media @UnionFound for award information!

2018 Fall Grant Award Winners

Anne Bell – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Paige Bergin – Jarman Elementary

Cheryl Chase – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Melodie Cole – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Jessica Coyle – Jarman Elementary

Kayla Curtis – Union 6/7 Grade Center   

Janet DeMarco – Cedar Ridge Elementary

Kelley Elam – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Bethany Farahani – Union 9th Grade Center

Adrienne Fore – Cedar Ridge Elementary

Patricia Gaddis – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Andrea Gaines – District-Wide Grant

Christi Gardner – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Chasity Gray – District-Wide Grant

Jennifer Haase – Union High School

Dana Hamersley – Union High School

Erin Hart – Darnaby Elementary

Mary Heare – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Rebecca Hines – Cedar Ridge Elementary

Roxann Hulsey – Union High School

Stephanie Landers – District-Wide Grant

Stephanie Logie – Jarman Elementary

Blake Martin – Moore Elementary

Janee McCrate – Union 8th Grade Center

Steven Moran – Union High School

Jennifer Morgan – Peters Elementary

Cynthia O'Donnell – Union 9th Grade Center

Lisa Overstreet – Jefferson Elementary

Hilary Perry – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Cathy Richards – Union High School

Jodie Rogers – Union 6/7 Grade Center

Cassie Romine – Cedar Ridge Elementary

Jessica Shannon – Union 9th Grade Center

Malinda Silva – Cedar Ridge Elementary

Stacey Sole – Darnaby Elementary

Whitney Tramell – Union High School

Jennifer Van Treese – Moore Elementary

Nichole Weeks – McAuliffe Elementary

Angie Whittle – Darnaby Elementary

2019 Spring Grant Award Winners

Angel Bull

Courtney McCartney

Mary Barry

Angela Raiber

Amanda Bowles

Lori Mecke

Susan Henderson

Alicia Ewing

Shannan Bittle

Danielle Tolomeo

Kristyne Salley

Carol Conrad

Carrie Combs

Lindsay Smith

Toni Peterson

Carynn Smith

Maria Sandoval

Cassandra Lisicki

Natasha Wilson

Dara Homer

Jaime Henderson

Katerina Alder

Brittney Johnson

Tara Nedrow

Mackenzie Wilson

Alternative Education Center

Alternative Education Center

Boevers Elementary

Boevers Elementary

Boevers Elementary

Cedar Ridge Elementary

Clark Elementary

Clark Elementary

Education Service Center

Ellen Ochoa Elementary

Ellen Ochoa Elementary

Jarman Elementary

Jarman Elementary

Marshall T. Moore Elementary

McAuliffe Elementary

McAuliffe Elementary

Rosa Parks Elementary

Union 6th and 7th Grade Center

Union 6th and 7th Grade Center

Union 9th Grade Center

Union 9th Grade Center

Union 9th Grade Center

Union High School

Union High School

Union High School

Vex Robotics

Growing Leaders Through Social Emotional Development

Virtual Robots

Little Thinkers

New Testing Materials


Making Mechanical Computers

Building Reading and Math Foundations with OSMOs

Building Project-Based Learning at Union

Make it Rain, Spin Around, Science is What it's All About

Super Science Systems

English Language Development

Second Step's Social-Emotional Learning

Innovation Space 2.0

A Voice for Every Student

Computer and Typing Skills Improved

FLL Robot Set and LEGO MINDSTORMS expansion set

Creativity and Fun Will Keep Us Engaged!

Recess Equipment

An Illustrated Odyssey

Audio Book for Shane

Headphones For Language Learners

Atlas of World History

Resources for World History

High School Autism Classroom


USEF supports College and Career Readiness programs for students as they prepare for college or the workforce.


  • These funds have allowed students to take ACT prep courses.

  • USEF funds have also provided students with Caps and Gowns for graduation.

  • USEF contributions support Career Connect - Union’s Job Shadowing, Apprenticeship, and Service Learning program. 

    • Balsa kits for the Applied Geometry class to make floor plans 

    • Shoe covers and hats for Culinary Arts

    • Food Handlers permits for Culinary and Early Childhood programs

    • Steel-toed boots for Automotive, Manufacturing, and Construction

    • OSHA training and cards for students

    • Gas cards for students to get to and from their placements

    • These financial assists have empowered the program to successfully certify 413 students in a four-year span.


USEF raises funds to help Union Schools implement STEM education throughout the district via Project Lead The Way curriculum.


Four years ago, there were 1,000 students enrolled in STEM curriculum.  During the 2017-2018 school year, over 10,000 students are engaged in hands-on STEM learning through Project Lead The Way curriculum. 

What's Next? We have purchased a warehouse close to Union High School and are planning to reconceptualize the space as an "innovation hub" for student and community use. With Phase I set to open in August 2018, the hub will serve as an incubator for teachers to design new courses and collaborate across disciplines as well as a state-of-the-art fabrication lab, professional development center, and entrepreneurial space. 


USEF believes making investments in our youngest children through Early Childhood Education improves academic, health, and social outcomes for the community.

USEF has set a goal to fund district-wide Pre-K Transition Camp at all elementary sites. Pre-K Transition Camp is a week-long summer program that provides incoming Pre-K students with an opportunity to experience “school" before beginning their formal school year. They are introduced to school personnel, peers, and routines of the school day. 


This camp also gives teachers the opportunity to develop relationships with the families before school starts, and even help assess needs early for children and families. While children are in programming, parents attend educational sessions on topics such as establishing healthy sleep habits and reading with children.  This program helps ease both the parents’ and the children’s transition to formal schooling. 


USEF provides funds to Community Schools for quality, learning-focused experiences they would not otherwise have. 


Expanded learning opportunities are a critical component of the Community School strategy, offering quality, learning-focused programming at the school site. When the final bell rings and the school day comes to an end, it marks the beginning of an unsupervised and unstructured time for many children. 


Staff and community partners work together to mentor and teach students in much smaller groups compared to the school day, and as a result, students gain valuable social, academic, professional, and additional life skills.  

USEF Teacher Grants fund classroom programs that would otherwise never happen.

Donate today.

Your generous support will have a lasting impact on our students and teachers.

We appreciate U!

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