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The mission of Union Schools Education Foundation (USEF) is to support Union Public Schools, its vision, and the students it serves.

About USEF...

Union Schools Education Foundation (USEF) was founded over 30 years ago by a group of goal-oriented parents with the intent to fund district-wide programing that would otherwise go unfunded and has grown into one of the largest and most successful school foundations in the state.


Our ongoing objective is to help Union Public Schools achieve the goal of graduating 100% of their students, college and career ready. Our current approved list of supported programs includes Educational Project Grants, UHS College & Career Center, Student Leadership, Special Olympics, Pre-K Camp, BizTown, Teacher of the Year, Support Person of the Year, and our newest program For the Girls – which provides feminine products for our school nurses as needed.

About USEF

Much has changed over the past 30 years.  Smartboards have replaced chalkboards. Texting has replaced passing notes. Landlines and encyclopedias are a thing of the past while smart phones and internet are intrinsic to our lives.  Southeast Tulsa has transformed into a booming city center with a variety of restaurants, retail shops, businesses, and neighborhoods serving a vibrant and diverse population — all in the heart of the Union Public School district.  


Throughout this evolution, ONE very important thing remains the same:  the role of Union Schools Education Foundation to support Union Public Schools. 


We still believe in our teachers and students.


We still support academic excellence in the classrooms.


We still believe in providing strong financial support to public schools to ensure a bright future for the entire community.


We still envision a community where ALL children deserve access to high quality education.  

We are here to help Union Public Schools achieve the goal of graduating 100% of their students, college and/or career ready! This audacious task is achieved through USEF’s investment in four main areas of focus, as outlined by the district’s strategic plan:  


  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Community Schools

  • College/Career Readiness

Today, the Foundation has grown to host an endowment of over $2 million with a governing board of 22 trustees comprised of  corporate partners, local business owners, parents, and Union staff.  During their term, these dedicated individuals work alongside the Executive Director and within their committees to fulfill the Foundation’s goal of serving Union Public Schools.

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The USEF 2022/2023 Board of Trustees

USEF Board of Trustees

USEF Board President

T Briggs Construction
Director of Operations
USEF Board Member: 6 Years

steve z.jpg

USEF Board Treasurer
USEF Board Member: 1 Year

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steve c.jpg
jay f 2.jpg

JAy fleming
JDF Company
USEF Board Member: 1

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Ashley madewell.jpg
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BEN R.jpg
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Union Schools Education Staff

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